Genderfluid PRIDE Flag Necklace - Laka Jewelry - Necklace
Genderfluid PRIDE Flag Necklace - Laka Jewelry - Necklace

Genderfluid PRIDE Flag Necklace

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Genderfluid Pride Flag: Created by JJ Poole in 2012, this flag represents people who shift between various gender identities or presentations (with or without any established pattern). The pink is for femininity, the white is for all genders, the purple is for both masculinity and femininity, the black is for a lack of gender, and the blue represents masculinity.

5% of all pride jewelry sales will be donated to a local LGBTQ+ charity.

Laka Jewelry's artist Hillarie Gowers created our Genderfluid PRIDE flag necklace. The pendant is hand enameled in the pink, white, purple, black, and blue colors of Genderfluid Pride.

Details: The Genderfluid Pride Pendant is sterling silver and measures 28 mm long, 15.6 mm wide, and 1.3 mm thick and weighs 4.3 grams. The back of the pendant is textured and stamped with our makers mark, copyright, and the metal content.

Chain Options: 24" long stainless steel curb chain, 24" long black leather cord (additional €5.00), or 20" 1.2 mm sterling silver box chain (additional €25.00).  Additional chains and chokers are available on our accessories page.

Metal Options: 14k Yellow Gold or 14k White Gold, please contact us for details.

PackagingThis item comes packaged in a jewelry box.

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